Sergiu-Valentin Gherdan
FIBA licenced agent. WNBA licenced agent

Sergiu-Valentin Gherdan has earned a bachelors’ degree (LLB) after graduating the Faculty of Law of the “Babeş-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania as top of his class and as a valedictorian. Continuing his studies, he has been admitted to the master program in Civil Law of the same Faculty with a perfect score, afterwards earning his masters’ degree (LLM) as well being top of his class and valedictorian. Subsequently completing his bachelor and master studies, for a period a couple of years he joined the teaching staff of the Faculty of Law – “Babeş-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, being an associated professor specialized in civil law, with a close approach to the contract law domain. Also, subsequently completing his studies, he was granted the access to the attorney profession, with the 3rd best-score nationwide. Both our theoretical and practical expertise in the law field has determined the international non-governmental organization World Justice Project to select us as an expert in Civil and Commercial Law matters, contributing to the World Justice Project Rule Of Law Index.

After representing, placing, negotiating and concluding contracts, for an important period of time and for a large pool of players as a formal attorney under the permission of art. 3-137 of the F.I.B.A. Regulation Governing Player’s Agents, he decided to officially apply for a F.I.B.A. Players’ Agent licence in order for himself and the players he represents to fully benefit by the F.I.B.A. legal protection status, which was furthermore followed by being licensed by the W.N.B.A. as a licenced agent within such U.S.A. North American professional league.

Therefore, after formally licensing as an F.I.B.A. a W.N.B.A. Players’ Agent, our agency became the only agency in the whole world that could offer our clients a full extent expertise as triple qualified: (1) F.I.B.A. and W.N.B.A. licensed agent expertise, already making a reputation for the quality of the players that we are representing and for our professional work ethic from the past ; (2) theoretical expertise due to the experience and knowledge gained in the period in which he had been teaching law, with close approach of the contract law domain which is basically governing all of the player-club relationship and (3) national and international case-law expertise as attorneys at law specialized in contract law and sports law, with good knowledge of national case-law and international case-law, with extreme attention to the F.I.B.A. Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (B.A.T.) and Court of Arbitration for Sports (C.A.S.) awards and reasons, representing over hundreds of players/coaches/agents in proceedings taken place in front of the B.A.T. and/or C.A.S.

The above mentioned aspects, combined with our attention to details and our professional approach in assisting players in all the aspects related to their basketball career is what makes our agency unique in the market and currently one of the top overseas-based agencies.