wp710c039d_05_06GENERAL ASPECTS
Our agency has made its presence deeply felt in the basketball scene by keeping an exceptional quality standards of our services which distinguishes our agency among any other one.

Negotiating the conditions of future jobs for each and every one of our clients, negotiating sport contracts to the best interest of our clients, maintaining close contact with our clients throughout the entire season, supporting them in all aspects related to their activity are only indicative of the wide range of personalized services offered by our agency, currently being entrusted to manage their careers by approximatively 100 clients, many of which are playing in the highest echelons of basketball.


Hands placing last piece of a Puzzle CLIENT PLACEMENT. EXPERIENCE. EXCLUSIVITY
Our agency has negotiated insofar over 1.000 contracts worldwide, making it one of the most experienced agency currently in the market.
The services of our agency is reserved strictly for the clients under a player-agent contract with us and such services are exclusive, meaning that we do not perform any services for any player not under contract with us and, furthermore, we are in no partnership with any whatsoever other agents which would require us to perform any services to any other than our clients; our politics and policy is that our competition should not benefit from our help.  As well, contrary to any other agency in the globe, in relation to the placement of our clients, our agency has not entered (and is not interested to enter) into any partnership with any other agent or agency, assuring our clients that such services that they benefit are oriented only to them and also eliminating any other potential intermediary person between them and basketball clubs worldwide, as our clients had chosen us for the services that we provide and expect us to perform such services accordingly and not to delegate them to any third-party with which they have no contractual relations.

The client (player or coach) placement involves contract negotiation and the clients that we represent are feeling secure that every detail regarding their engagement with any interested club has been closely monitored and taken care of. Contractual terms are not simple words put on paper, but represent the governing framework in which any issue arising during the performance of this contract shall apply.
In a world in which the vast majority of agents and agencies recommend their clients to sign whatever they are required by contracting clubs only for athletes to find out later when a legal problem arises that they had been insufficiently protected, we are one of the few agencies who adopt a different approach on this matter, only negotiating and signing our contractual templates (duly adapted for our clients needs). A club template contract (template which, in 100% of the cases, includes clauses detrimental to the interest of our clients) is a deal breaker for our agency.

Being highly qualified as law professionals (attorneys) specialized in sports and contract law, we could safely affirm that our clients benefit probably the most highly qualified services in the market, given the fact that their contracts that they conclude are solid guaranteed agreements in which club normally would not even risk not respecting our client’s rights, given the serious judicial consequences that such unlawful conduct would generate.
Should there be situations where a player decides to establish a partnership with our agency after a club in his past career would not fully fulfill the contractual obligations of the agreement concluded. For this players that afterwards signed with our agency and had previously convinced themselves of the dangers signing an sports agreement without an agent or with an agent that does not benefit the expertise that we offer, we fully put our judicial and non-judicial services and expertise on their side in order to assist them in the collection of claims born previous of our partnership.

We feel that if we are to help our players achieve their best we have to be there for them any time they need us.

Establishment of a personalized relationship with each one of our players is a must for our agency.

We had visited and personally met the vast majority of our clients and, by the best of our endeavors, we are aiming to visit each and every one of them at least once a season.


Creating an absolutely safe environment where each player could focus solely on the task at hand to achieve full potential remains the top priority for our agency.

Thanks to the services offered by a supporting cast of experts, we aim at meeting all kinds of needs a professional player might experience.

Technical support, strength and conditioning advice, nutrition and diet education, legal support, fiscal advices support, judicial support are characteristic services readily available to all of our players.



We had advised or represented hundreds of players/coaches/agents in arbitration proceedings taken place in front of the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal with the seat in Geneva, Switzerland, assisting them in enforcing their contracts concluded in the basketball niche.

As well we had enforced such Basketball Arbitral Tribunal through the intermediation of F.I.B.A. specific sport sanctions.


Our reach is worldwide and we had represented clients in all continents (Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Oceania) and has placed athletes virtually everywhere where lucrative professional basketball leagues exist.

Below you may find a map of the leagues and regions in which our agency had signed insofar their clients.