(WNBA champion with Phoenix Mercury in 2009; 1st round WNBA draft pick, 12th option by Connecticut Sun in 2008; played 6 WNBA&11 overseas seasons; UCONN alumni)
“Sergiu is the MVP of agents.
He genuinely looks out for all of his players best interests and wants the best for his players.
Always available. If I had any issues Sergiu always sorted them immediately.
I personally couldn’t have asked for a better agent.
I just wish I would’ve found him sooner!”

(Legend. 11 WNBA and 15 overseas seasons played at the top, in Turkey, France, Spain, South Korea, Hungary, Israel, Brazil, Lebanon and Jordan. Currently WNBA coach)
One of the best agents I’ve worked with!
Sergiu is very professional, hardworking, caring and most importantly honest.
Always held true to his word and I appreciated that.
Lastly, always did the job with care and genuine concern for me as a person not just an athlete!


(2nd round WNBA draft pick with the 13th pick in 2015. 3 WNBA seasons played. Played professionally in Hungary, Poland, Puerto Rico, Israel and Sweden)
Sergiu was the best thing that could have happened in my career. I loved playing overseas I just wasn’t confident in the situation I was in.
Once I’ve started working with Sergiu he helped me not only get my confidence back but also allowed my career to jump substantially in a matter of two years.
He had signed me on teams where he knew I would be appreciated. Whenever I had an issue he was the one I would call. He has been nothing but a blessing to my life and my family.

I will always appreciate that he looked at me as more than just a basketball player but a friend!
Although I have retired, still to this day he checks in on me and my family. He is Truly a stand up guy who deserves every accolade out there!!

(African continent best player. Nigerian NT; AfroBasket MVP and multiple times AfroBasket winner with Nigarian NT; Olympian in Tokyo 2020 with Nigerian National Team)
I met Sergiu about 7 years ago and when I decided to sign with him that was the best decision I could have ever made for my career.
Time and time again he has proven to me that he is the best agent there is.
Not only is he dedicated to making sure I have the best jobs but he always has my back and make sure the clubs/teams has my best interest.
He is always honest and that’s what I like about him most. He never sugar coats anything. He gives his professional advice/opinion but at the same time he always allows me to make my own decisions.
Him being a lawyer is the icing on the cake because any problems I have legally he will be there ready to go to war with me.
I hope he never retires because if he does I have no idea who will represent me. Lol 😇😬

(Nigerian NT; Olympian; AfroBasket winner; USA NT at U17 level & World Cup U17 winner; WNBA draft pick in 2017 by the Atlanta Dream. Alumni of Duke college)
Sergiu is by far the best agent I’ve ever worked with. When I signed with him, my professional career changed for the better. Before, I was recycling through smaller markets with my previous representations. Sergiu saw my talent being wasted and decided to bet on me and place me in markets, where I belonged.
The amount of confidence he has in me and knowing he has my back allows me to play with a clear mind and focus purely on the court. The amount of detail he puts into his craft is unparalleled. He is an honest man and keeps no secrets. Our line of communication is always open and honest. I feel comfortable enough setting goals and explaining what I want out of each season and he listens and works his best to get me everything in his power. His honesty is the main reason I consider him a friend and look forward into our partnership.

(USA Center, played professionally 11 seasons overseas in leagues such as France, Hungary, Italy, Australia, Puerto Rico, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria. Impressed in each and every of such seasons)
Sergiu is one of the best agents I worked with!  He not only cares about your professional career but cares about you as a person! He is always available no matter what time of day it is. He is one of the hardest working people I know! He is honest with you and will tell you how it is, which is the best part about him. Sergiu not only helped me take my career to the next level as an agent but he helped me in couple legal situations when I didn’t get paid and was miss treated. He handled everything professionally and was always there to keep me updated! In conclusion, he really takes care of his players and I appreciate everything he has have done for me!
So with that being said if you are looking for an agent Sergiu is the best one out there!

(Played professionally 7 seasons in leagues such as Australia, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania. Inducted in the Rice University Hall of Fame)
My success as a professional player has been as much due to his direction as it has been to my performance on the court. I have endless respect for how he does his job and the care with which he treats players. When he first brought me in, he drew a road map of how he saw my career going and gave me the plan for each year. As each season passed, my career played out exactly as he’d painted it. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about the pro basketball market and knows how to maneuver within it which is an invaluable quality. He also makes it a point to get you everything that’s been agreed to you. Extremely quick to respond to dilemmas and was never afraid to fight for me in some pretty absurd situations, no matter how long or difficult the fight was. Lastly, he’s not afraid to tell it like it is, which I appreciate. He readily gives his informed opinion, but always left the final decision up to me and never pushed me a direction I didn’t want to go. I’m lucky to say I’ve only had one agent my entire professional career and that’s truly because it was Sergiu.

(Played 13 seasons overseas in France, Hungary, Belgium, Australia, Germany, Lithuania and Finland. Sister of NBA players Carl Landry and Marcus Landry)
I played overseas for 13 years and experienced many different agents directly and indirectly.
Sergiu was an awesome agent and was by far the most complete package out there.
As a player you want an agent that will work for you as much as you work for them.
When times get hard, because sometimes they do, Sergiu works double time to make sure things are done in order, legally and ethically.
He is an excellent agent and I definitely recommend him.

(one of the few European players WNBA drafted, 26th pick in the 2010 draft; Olympian; 6 EuroLeague seasons; 5 EuroCup seasons. Played in WNBA, Turkey, France, Spain, Poland, Greece and Romania)
I met Sergiu before he became an agent and our collaboration started with my need of a lawyer but who knew I was so lucky to have found one with such phenomenal abilities. I never met a lawyer who knew the law better than him and there were countless times when I needed his help and he never failed to succeed, no matter the situation. We kept in touch over the years and finally after many years we started working together. I was always impressed with the amount of passion he puts towards his work but now seeing him and experiencing him as an agent, first hand, I am happy to see the same passion and professionalism in the agent category as well, if not even more. As I mentioned before, I knew Sergiu before he was an agent so I have to say that even though we didn’t work together from the beginning of his career I was seeing him every year developing and creating more and more connections with clubs all over Europe and sooner rather than later not only Europe. This guy never sleeps therefore he will always responds to your texts and help you with whatever problem you might have no matter in which country. And no matter how dark the situation might be he will always, and I mean always, find a solution. His players come first and nobody will be left without a job. If I were to describe him shortly I would say he is: honest, direct, reliable, protective, fighter, hard worker, responsive, professional, effective.
I worked with probably too many agents along my career but I am glad, finally, I ended up working with Sergiu.

(Serbian National Team member; Olympian; EuroBasket Women bronze medalist; played professionally in Russia, Turkey, France, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, Romania)
Sergiu is just different.
For him his players always come first. There is absolutely no doubt about that.
He is extremely protective and his ability to find solutions for every situation is impressive. Sergiu is very capable, responsible, strict, honest, direct and always available when you need him.
Very happy and grateful for our collaboration and friendship.
Until now I was always describing him to my friends in silence but now I’m glad I can tell out loud how great he actually is, judging it from my experience.

(Slovakian National Team member; 18 seasons played professionally from which 9 of them played in the Italian first league; played in Italy, France, Turkey, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania)
Through my whole career I had and also saw many agents. Sergiu as far as I can say is the best agent I ever met. And he proved it not by talking but with facts!
I totally loved to work with him because finally with him I didn’t have any questions or doubts about an agent’s work; he is working totally transparent, all the work he is performing I could see through all the process. He is always available at any time, he is honest, he gives and lists all the options and always supporting your decision. He is defending 100% his players.
Only regret that I could say I have is that I met him and worked with him in the end of my career.
I indeed had beautiful career, but if I met him sooner I could have 5 times more options to choose from and by that my career could had been 5 times better.

(First round WNBA pick, with the 10th option in the 2015 WNBA draft by Atlanta Dream)
Sergiu is someone who has my full trust and respect.
He is consistently professional, from the first time speaking with him.
Very responsive, extremely honest and knowledgeable, and most importantly, he fights for his players.
I would strongly recommend his services, as he puts the needs of his clients first – we are what matter to him.


(Lithuanian National Team player. Participated insofar in 4 FIBA Euroleague Women seasons)
It was my best decision to start working with Sergiu.
He helped me to take my career in a right direction with honest guidance, sincere feedback and mutual trust.
His knowledge of the market and sense of the “right time” always helped me confidently take steps in higher level leagues and bigger roles within teams.
One of his best qualities is that he genuinely cares. He has been there through all the process, watching all the games, supporting and pushing me to my greatness.
Having him by my side always gave me assurance that all the problems that might occur will be dealt with immediately”.

(Romanian legend, with a ongoing career of 23 seasons. 11 times league winner and 9 time cup winner  in various leagues and a plethora of medals, distinctions and awards)
Over my career I’ve worked out with multiple agents.
Sergiu stands out as the best agent I ever had worked with.

He is always there for the players and their interests.
I loved and love to work with him.
I truly recommend his services to all players.”

Romanian legend, with a career of 21 seasons, playing in the Italian, French, Spanish, Hungarian and Romanian leagues).
“Working with Sergiu was the best decision I’ve made.
About him, based on my experience and working with him I could charactherize him as always looking out for the interest of the player.
He is always available an he defends his players and their rights better then anyone which I’ve worked with.
Sergiu is honest, direct, respectful, professional and extremely good at his job.
I 100% recommend his services